“Repairs will not be overwhelming if you maintain a home properly and regularly, and will not require all your time and money. We all seem to have time for hobbies and all the other things we want to do. Well, we have to make the time and effort to care for the home on a regular basis.

When evaluating the maintenance requirements of your home, one common mistake is to group repair work, inspection work, mechanical breakdowns, remodeling and restoration together. Many times, all of these aspects are grouped into one big “maintenance pile” creating an attitude of “where do I begin?” Divide and prioritize projects into the categories above, and handle them, one at a time, at different times (on a regular basis), and you’ll realize it is really not that overwhelming.

The first step in maintaining your home is to start with inspections that should be done on an annual basis, at the very least. You need to inspect your home, determining which repairs you can complete and which will require the assistance of a professional.” – Tom Tyran, Houston Chronicle

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