1. Provide an alarm code if you choose to set your home security system on the day of inspection.
2. Provide keys to any areas of the home that are locked and cannot be accessed using the front door key.
3. Make sure all pets either go with you or are in a secured location. Please leave a note on any door containing a pet.
4. Reduce the amount of clutter under sinks and vanities as much as possible.
5. Make sure there is a clear path to the electric service panel, subpanel (breaker boxes) and sprinkler system control panel.
6. Ensure there is a clear path to the attic access door or stairs and to access mechanicals and water heaters in the attic.
7. Appliances such as ovens should be free of stored items.
8. Save all files on your computer and power them down as the electrical system will be tested.
9. Make sure the light bulbs in all interior and exterior light fixtures are working.