Name of product: Multi-Purpose Telescoping Aluminum Ladders Hazard: The ladders can break while in use, posing a fall hazard to the user. Remedy: Refund Recall date: June 20, 2018 Units: About 78,000 Description: This recall involves five models of aluminum telescoping ladders that can be used in five different positions (twin step ladder, stairway step ladder,.. read more →

Name of product: Rollerblade® helmets Hazard: The helmets fail to meet the federal safety standard, posing a risk of head injury. Remedy: Replace Recall date: June 29, 2018 Units: About 9,700 Description: This recall involves Rollerblade-branded Helmets R Us helmets, used in schools’ physical education programs. The recalled helmets are white and Rollerblade is printed on the.. read more →

Name of Product:  Cool White Universal T8/T12 LED tube lamps Hazard:  The pins on one end of the lamp can be energized during installation/removal, posing electric shock and electrocution hazards. Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately contact GE Lighting to receive instructions on safely removing the LED tube lamps, and to receive a refund in the form.. read more →

Name of Product:  Portland, One Stop Gardens, and Chicago Electric 14 inch electric chainsaws Hazard:  The power switch can malfunction and allow the chainsaw to continue operating after the operator moves the switch to the “off” position, posing a serious injury hazard to the operator. Remedy: Replace Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled chainsaws and return the.. read more →

Name of Product:  illy 8.8-ounce whole bean coffee cans Hazard:  The coffee bean can lid can detach suddenly with force upon opening when missing an air valve on the bottom, posing an injury hazard. Remedy: Replace Consumers should not open or use a recalled coffee can and contact illy for a free replacement product Consumer Contact:  illy toll-free at.. read more →

Name of Product:  Waterpede™ children’s bath toys Hazard:  The bath toy can break apart exposing small parts, posing a choking hazard to young children. Remedy: Replace Consumers should immediately take the bath toy away from young children and contact Munchkin for a free replacement bath toy of comparable value. Consumer Contact:  Munchkin toll-free at 877-242-3134 from 8 a.m. to.. read more →

Name of Product:  Ambiano mini deep fryers Hazard:  The deep fryer heating element can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.\ Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled deep fryers and return it to their local ALDI store for a full refund. Consumer Contact:  ALDI at 800-366-9967 from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or.. read more →

Name of product: Specialized bicycles with Stout cranks Hazard: The driveside crankarm can disengage and cause the rider to lose control, posing fall and injury hazards. Remedy: Replace Recall date: May 9, 2018 Units:About 1,800 Description: This recall involves Specialized Fuse Comp and Fatboy SE bicycles with Stout cranks. The bikes come in Gloss Hyper/Black Clean.. read more →

Name of product: 3000 PSI pressure washer surface cleaners Hazard: The surface cleaner’s spray bar can break and detach from the central hub, causing broken pieces to strike consumers, posing an injury hazard. Remedy: Replace Recall date: April 20, 2018 Units: About 201,000 (In addition, about 5,400 in Canada) Description: This recall involves 3000 PSI Briggs &.. read more →