“A home is one of, if not the largest, investment a person will make in their lifetime,” said Steve Kelly, professional inspector and owner of Integrity Property Inspection Services. “[Buyers] need someone on their side to provide an impartial and unbiased opinion of the home’s structural and operating systems. Armed with this information, you will have the knowledge to help decide if you would like to purchase the property.”

Kelly recommends obtaining feedback from community members whose homes may have been built by the same builders. He also said it is vitally important to pay attention to the details. For instance, signs of fresh paint and patched or new concrete could be hiding previous repairs or issues.

“Regardless if you are building a home, buying an inventory home or buying an existing home, always do your homework,” Kelly said. “Remember, just because you are buying a new home does not mean everything is perfect or up to code.” John Rigg, Community Impact Newspaper

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